Earl Center for Learning & Innovation: This is now…

After this morning’s #ThrowbackTuesday, let’s look forward again to the Earl Center for Learning & Innovation. After all, the exciting grand opening is tomorrow!  #LookForwardWednesday?  Can that be a thing?

sketch of the earl centerThe new Earl Center for Learning and Innovation is the bright, airy learning space the Resource Center (read about it!) now calls home. The new Center combines all the services, collections, and functionality of the old facility with exciting new technologies for learning and teaching. Such tools as iPads, touchscreens, and collaborative technology workspaces will greatly enhance the teaching and learning experience for Wheelock students as they produce their own their own work and as they develop learning materials and experiences to take to their practica.

The Earl Center layout and furnishings are focused on flexibility and collaboration.

putting the last touches on the brand new Earl Center

In the midst of construction.  Shiny new pictures to come after tomorrow’s opening!

Lightweight, mobile seating and tables allows the creation of small collaborative spaces as needed. Mobile whiteboards can be moved into the workspace for brainstorming sessions. Display screens throughout the Center can be used for collaborative project development or to display videos or Internet resources for a class.

While the Earl Center layout is a single, large, open space, sliding glass panels can create separate classroom or workshop spaces. The glass panels allow for three different configurations that can be used not only for presentations and events for current students and faculty, but also for continuous learning opportunities for Wheelock alumni and teachers from area schools.

The vision for the Earl Center for Learning and Innovation is to be a place…

  • Where innovative technology can be used for creating and implementing learning experiences
  • Where the inventive spirit is fostered  into a practiced skill
  • To explore new technology and familiar materials and invent new uses for them
  • That nurtures nimble, resourceful practice
  • Where faculty and students can share and discover the possibilities of the 21st century classroom

And Always…

The Resource Center/Earl Center for Learning and Innovation has and always will be a place…

  • Where the needs of all learners are at the center of our work
  • That nurtures exploration and discovery
  • Where faculty and students collaborate to grow together
  • Where resourcefulness, invention, and responsiveness are valued and practiced
  • To connect theoretical knowledge with hands-on application
  • That combines timeless educational methods with innovative and cutting-edge methods approaches
  • That recognizes and addresses the ever changing and diverse needs of children

Check out our previous post about the Resource Center:


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Resource Center: That was then…

In honor of this Wednesday’s grand opening ceremony for the Earl Center for Learning and Innovation, the Resource Center’s new home, let’s have a #ThrowbackTuesday!

resource center as a lab

The Resource Center’s early days

The Resource Center first opened in 1967 in the basement of the Classroom Building. The Teacher Education Department had expressed a need for a place within the College where materials used for learning experiences with children could be collected, housed, and used with students in their professional course. The Parent’s Committee of the College contributed funds from their annual drive to make the Resource Center a reality.

The Resource Center was created with the vision of…

  • Bringing the mission of the College to life, where students and faculty could learn to apply conceptual understandings explored in course work
  • Fostering a hands-on, developmental approach to learning
  • Providing space and resources with which to experiment, create, and develop curriculum materials

The Resource Center has always been a great space for collaboration

The Resource Center has been home to a variety of distinctive resources. In the past, animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, and birds could be borrowed by students to bring into their classrooms. Students could learn new skills in the woodworking lab or in the kitchen. Workshops provided the Wheelock community with the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics from papermaking to castles to therapy dogs.

Hands-on learning

In 1997, the Helena Grant, funded by Dr. and Mrs. Earl, allowed the Resource Center to add computer hardware and software to its collection. This provided an opportunity to increase the understanding of technology in education for faculty and students. The Math Science Education Center, which opened adjacent to the Resource Center in 2007, added highly-regarded math and science curricula and a mobile laptop lab in a space focused on STEM teaching and learning.

In 2012, with funding provided by a grant for technology and innovation from the Earls, planning began for constructing a new building which would house and greatly expand the purpose of the Resource Center.  Check out our next post about the Earl Center for Learning and Innovation, what it will offer, and what it will mean for the Wheelock community.

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