Using Pinterest in the Classroom

handmade weather station

There are A TON of incredibly creative people in the world, and I, unfortunately, am not one of them.

Fortunately however, I am a fantastic laminator. So when I’m doing a display for the Earl Center, or daydreaming of magical displays for the public library, my go-to for inspiration is Pinterest.

Right now, at the Earl Center, we’re spotlighting weather. Wheelock College is an ambassador for the National Weather Service’s Weather-Ready Nation campaign. A few people here at the Earl Center put together an awesome display of weather-related materials we have here (and that you can/should totally check out)! We have some children’s books, lesson plans, and a few weather tracking stamps that can be used to make a weekly or monthly weather chart like this one:

So for every display we work on, we try to incorporate some sort of craft or activity, even if it’s just cutting out little construction paper aliens for our Space display. The Earl Center has so many great craft supplies, it’s difficult to not feel crafty once in a while. I went to Pinterest and put “weather” into the search box, and up handmade weather stationpopped a bunch of suggestions: weather activities, weather crafts, weather unit, weather chart. I chose “weather activities”. I came across this neat printable weather station. It’s completely interactive. You can move the little red pointer from rainy to sunny, the temperature scale from hot to freezing, the sliding scale of windiness, and dozens of removable weather adjectives. Here’s what it looks like on Pinterest:

If you click on the picture, it will bring you to where you can download the PDF. All you have to do is assemble it – and by assemble I mean cut a few dotted lines and glue a few pieces here and there. I decided to laminate the pages because of my classroom weatherstationhigh hopes of all the people who will be touching this beautiful weather station every day. Here is our version of the weather station.

We decided to include all of our extra adjectives on the board, just in case the weather needs to be changed due to an unexpected snow storm in the month of September or any other strange weather scenarios that happen in the city of Boston. All of the adjectives are stuck on with Velcro for easy removal. This would be a great addition to any classroom, especially during a weather unit.

Personally, I like to follow libraries and librarians to get ideas for book displays and library programs. One of my most recent favorites is Dawn Krause:

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And lastly, here’s a list of cool Pinterest boards for educators: (These are all printable!)




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