Oobleck Before Break

Working with Oobleck                   Working with Oobleck

First it’s a solid!                                    Then it’s a liquid!

The Resource Center is open this week, but most of Wheelock’s students have gone home for the holidays. We are glad to be here to help out those students still completing exams and project…but we also have some extra time on our hands. Perfect chance for a fun project! Today we made Oobleck, the liquid/solid combination of cornstarch and water that is pretty much the coolest texture you will ever feel.

You can make your own Oobleck by mixing 2 parts cornstarch with one part water, then adding cornstarch as needed until the mixture thickens. The result is a substance with shifting viscosity–when you tap the surface quickly the cornstarch particles don’t have a chance to move, so the viscosity (or thickness) is high, and the material feels solid. If you touch the surface slowly or gently, however, the particles have time to shift and your hand sinks in like the material is a liquid. So cool!

So, if you find yourself hanging out with friends and family over the holidays with no ideas, make Oobleck! Find for kids, college students and adults alike!

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