Computer Science Education Week

cat and computer

December 9-15 is Computer Science Education Week

CS Education Week celebrates the birthday of Admiral Grace Hopper, the founder of modern computer science. Despite the fact that many countries including China, the United Kingdom, and Australia require it or will soon require it as a subject, in the United States 90% of K-12 schools do not teach it.

It’s not as hard to learn as people think. You can teach yourself the basics of computer programming or coding as it it referred to. Over the next week an organization called is promoting a campaign to get 10 million people participating in the Hour of Code. A variety of self-guided tutorials will take you through coding and will award a certificate at the end. It not only demonstrates the use of computers in self-directed learning activities, it also demonstrates the power of immediate feedback, the challenge of earning badges (or trophies as they call them) and a completely absorbing intellectual activity that is actually fun.

Intrigued? Go to and sign up.

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