Topping Out Ceremony!

As some of you may know, the Resource Center will be relocated to a new building this spring. The new Center for Learning and Innovation will marry the best of the Resource Center with exciting new technology and much more space. On Tuesday, October 30th, Wheelock hosted the Topping Out ceremony for the new building–an event celebrating the installation of the last steel beam in the building’s structure. Here are some images of the beam going up. Although it was a bit drizzly, it was a great moment. And if rain is lucky on your wedding day, it must be lucky in your Topping Out day, too!

It is very exciting to watch this project take shape and we can’t wait to move in to the new building. Check back here for more updates on the progress of the new location!

The final bean is signed by members of the community before it is put in place.

The beam is prepped for its ascent.

Up it goes!

RC Manager Cortney is excited about the new building!


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