First New Laptop Used in the Earl Center!

Rising senior and Orientation Leader, Hayley Adamuska tested out the first laptop from the Earl Center today! Laptops are part of the new technology equipment offered in the Earl Center, along with iPads, collaborative work stations, and a large touch screen computer. The iPads and laptops are not ready yet, but look forward to them.  Meanwhile, try out all the other technology the Earl Center has to offer.

Hayley Adamuska ’14 tests out the first laptop from the Earl Center!

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Dog B.O.N.E.S. Workshop Recap

A little while ago we were lucky enough to host two Reading Partner Teams from Dog B.O.N.E.S., a Massachusetts Therapy Dog Non-Profit Corporation. Brittany and Anne, the two dog owners, gave workshop attendees insight into what it is like to be part of a Reading Partner Team, along with their wonderful dogs Charley and Mariah.

Dog Therapy

Anne and Mariah, Brittany and Charley

Brittany and Anne shared stories of watching young readers open up to the dogs in ways that the didn’t often to do with people–because dogs do not judge when you read aloud, they only listen. The women talked about the process of becoming a Reading Partner Team–what kind of temperament a dog needs to have, and what the owner’s role is during the reading session. For the most part, the owner is just there to supervise the interaction with the dog, and they take great care not to correct or interfere with the reading, as the practice of reading to the dog is about building confidence.

Dog Therapy

Mariah meets a new friend

Workshop attendees posed questions about the children’s progress in reading comprehension, and while Anne and Brittany are not privy to the official testing that students in schools go through after participating in a Reading Partners program, they have seen most students make great strides in confidence, comprehension and even comfort level with animals. Anne also discussed the work Mariah has done in other settings, like correctional facilities, and how the dog’s presence there can be therapeutic as well. Brittany and Anne’s passion for their work with young people and beyond really shined through in the conversation, and we look forward to having them back again.

After a great conversation that lasted about an hour, workshop participant hung around to spend a little extra time with Charley and Mariah. Because, after all, everyone can use a little dog therapy–especially stressed out students! Check out the slideshow below for more pictures of the event.

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Jess, one of the student workers at the Resource Center, is doing a project on Lucy Wheelock and in the process found the flickr site of Wheelock archival photos. One of those pictures is from the Resource Center! Jess and Nancy decided to recreate the photo for a bulletin board for #ThrowbackThursday. Check it out:

Resource Center Then and Now


The completed #ThrowbackThursday bulletin board

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Oobleck Before Break

Working with Oobleck                   Working with Oobleck

First it’s a solid!                                    Then it’s a liquid!

The Resource Center is open this week, but most of Wheelock’s students have gone home for the holidays. We are glad to be here to help out those students still completing exams and project…but we also have some extra time on our hands. Perfect chance for a fun project! Today we made Oobleck, the liquid/solid combination of cornstarch and water that is pretty much the coolest texture you will ever feel.

You can make your own Oobleck by mixing 2 parts cornstarch with one part water, then adding cornstarch as needed until the mixture thickens. The result is a substance with shifting viscosity–when you tap the surface quickly the cornstarch particles don’t have a chance to move, so the viscosity (or thickness) is high, and the material feels solid. If you touch the surface slowly or gently, however, the particles have time to shift and your hand sinks in like the material is a liquid. So cool!

So, if you find yourself hanging out with friends and family over the holidays with no ideas, make Oobleck! Find for kids, college students and adults alike!

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Topping Out Ceremony!

As some of you may know, the Resource Center will be relocated to a new building this spring. The new Center for Learning and Innovation will marry the best of the Resource Center with exciting new technology and much more space. On Tuesday, October 30th, Wheelock hosted the Topping Out ceremony for the new building–an event celebrating the installation of the last steel beam in the building’s structure. Here are some images of the beam going up. Although it was a bit drizzly, it was a great moment. And if rain is lucky on your wedding day, it must be lucky in your Topping Out day, too!

It is very exciting to watch this project take shape and we can’t wait to move in to the new building. Check back here for more updates on the progress of the new location!

The final bean is signed by members of the community before it is put in place.

The beam is prepped for its ascent.

Up it goes!

RC Manager Cortney is excited about the new building!


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What’s new this semester

Welcome back, Wheelock!

Here at the Resource Center we had quite a summer. Our entire collection has been repackaged into new, pretty blue bags, and our old system of hanging bags was replaced by a much more user friendly shelf system.

The commuter lounge also moved down to half of the Resource Center Block Room–we have a little less space, but are happy our new neighbors now have cell phone service in their on-campus space.

Come down and see what is new at the RC! We look forward to seeing you!

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