Earl Center Tour

In case you haven’t heard, the Resource Center has moved out of the basement of the Classroom Building and into the new Earl Center for Learning and Innovation. We’ve introduced the new Center and its expanded mission in a previous post, but now let’s take a tour!

Modern, lightweight furniture:
The furniture is a mix of serious and fun.  You can move and reconfigure them to suit your needs and preferences. The gold, round metal plates scattered around the space are outlets and ethernet connections so you can conveniently connect your electronic devices.  Take notes on your laptop while exploring ways to teach children about bones.

EarlCenter22 - furniture

Configurable Walls:
The walls can be moved to set up this space into 5 different configurations:

  • A completely open space
  • One conference room and a large open space
  • One classroom and a smaller open space
  • Two rooms side-by-side: a conference room and a classroom.
  • One large glass room (removing the wall between the conference and classroom areas).

EarlCenter15 - oneroom

Standing dry-erase boards:
They’re lightweight enough to move to wherever you need them to be.  Ask the Service Desk for markers and start writing out your thoughts and ideas.


Dry-erase wall
The entire wall to the right of the window in the classroom section is a giant dry-erase board. Have some big ideas or just want to do run-throughs of the best way to teach the lifecycle of a butterfly.  Use the wall.

Video Wall
This isn’t just a very large digital display.  You can use this to present powerpoints and hold demos and workshops.  Just use the iPad mini we have to bring up the mac dashboard and the display becomes your very large monitor.

EarlCenter3 - videowall

The Collection
What about all the toys, games, and manipulatives from the old Resource Center?  They’re still here – only more organized and accessible.  Ipads are installed along the walls nearby to let you search the catalog for materials.  If you need help looking for materials, don’t hesitate to approach the Service Desk.

 EarlCenter24 - collections2

Collaborative Workstations
We’ve upgraded from individual computers to collaborative workstations.  They’re still computers, but with added functionality.  There are two of these at the Earl Center. The dual screens can act as one large monitor allowing multiple windows or applications to be viewed at once. The screens can also be mirrored so that both show the same image, meaning that larger groups do not have to cram around one screen. The ports below these stations allow for connection to laptops, iPads and even iPhones so that students can be collaborating on a project, but working from their own or borrowed machines in full view of the rest of the group.

EarlCenter20 - pod1

Wet area
Don’t let the lack of stains fool you! We’ve also brought the wet area over to the Earl Center for you to do art making, science exploration, or any kind of activity that may get a little messy. Special flooring was chosen for this area to make spills easy to clean up.  The art supplies are in the locked cabinets.  Ask someone at the Service Desk to unlocked them for you.

EarlCenter4 - wetarea

Large Touch Screen
This screen will allow students to experiment with touch technology. We hope it will spur creative thinking about the use of apps and other touch based programs in educational settings. We encourage you to suggest apps to us – talk to us, call us, email us, or write it on the number of dry-erase boards we have in the Earl Center!

EarlCenter11 - touchscreen

Laminator, Paper-cutter, Accu-cut, and Book-binding Machine
These tools are still available.  The paper-cutter, Accu-cut, and book-binding machine are at the workstation next to the Service Desk.  The laminator is in the room behind the Service Desk.

EarlCenter18 - accucut

Macbook Airs and Ipads
Coming soon!

Want more pictures?  Check out the slideshow below!

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