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WINNER: Pumpkin Decorating Contest

And the winner is…

*drum roll*


 “The Three Little Pumpkins and the Big Bad Gourd”


Congratulations to the IT & Campus Services departments. This is their second consecutive pumpkin contest win! This year’s voting results were SO close, and all submissions deserve a huge round of applause. Make sure to join in the fun next October to see if you can out-craft the reigning champions.

VOTE: Pumpkin Decorating Contest

It’s time to VOTE for your favorite entry in this years’ Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Check out the large display case on the first floor of the library to see all the contest entries. Then stop by the library service desk to vote for your favorite!

The last day to vote is Sunday, October 30th. When you vote, you’ll have a chance to enter a raffle to win a Halloween goody bag. The winners of both the Pumpkin Decorating Contest and the raffle will be announced the next day on Halloween!

Here’s a look at this year’s contest entries. This year’s theme was “Fairy Tales”.

1.) Frozen / The Snow Queen


2.) The Three Little Pigs (1st Interpretation)


3.) The Three Little Pigs (2nd Interpretation)


4.) Hansel and Gretel


5.) Alice in Wonderland


6.) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Drumroll, Please! And The Winner of This Year’s Pumpkin Decorating Contest is..

IT/Campus Services with Spice Gourds – who spiced up our lives during the week leading up to Halloween.


Congrats, IT/Campus Services!  All the entries were incredible this year.  After being here at Wheelock for several pumpkin decorating contests, I am always impressed by how creative everyone is with their decorations and appreciate that our participants are willing to take the time to bring some mid-autumn cheer into the Library.

Thank you to everyone who entered: Dot Hibbard, the Writing Center, Financial Services, Student Life, IT/Campus Services, and especially Teach Learn Create (TLC), our first and only student organization to join in.   Many of you have asked who made which entries.  Here are the other 5 entries with the names of their decorators.

Entry #2: Skeleton Band

The Writing Center

Entry #3: A tribute to music legends

Financial Services

Entry #1: the Beatles

Dot Hibbard

Entry #4: Phantom of the Opera

Teach Learn Create (TLC)

Entry #5: Student Life

Student Life

Thank you, also, to those who stopped by the Library to vote.  We’re happy that we got so many ballots back.  This contest could not have happened without you either!  There was a raffle for our voters and the winner of that raffle is Geraldine Metogho.  Congrats!



Pumpkin Decorating Contest 2015 – Voting Begins Now!

Entries for this year’s Pumpkin Decorating Contest are on display in the case on the first floor of the Library. The theme this year is “Music”.   Our participants have all done an amazing job.  Cast your vote for your favorite entry.

Ballots are available at the Library Service Desk; voting starts today through Thursday, October 29.  Everyone who votes will be entered in a raffle to win a Halloween goody bag. The winner of the best display and of the raffle will be announced Friday, October 30If you cannot make it to the Library, you may also email your vote to

Pumpkins with their contest numbers.  Click to expand image.

  1. pdc1
  2. pdc2
  3. pdc3
  4. pdc4
  5. pdc5
  6. pdc6
    The participants behind this submission wired it with lights, which we cannot power while the submission is in the display case.  We’ve made a gif of it in action (click to play).20151023_152946(1)

And the winner is…

Financial Services and their amazing, cockroach clad Tracy Turnblad! They even included a little can of Ultra Clutch (to keep Tracy’s ‘do looking perfect of course) and a mini Hairspray playbill. Congratulations!

Financial Services: Anne Marie Martorana, (pumpkin) Joanne Baez, Geanna Cohen

Financial Services (L to R): Anne Marie Martorana, (pumpkin) Joanne Baez, Geanna Cohen

Thanks to all who participated and voted in this year’s contest. Happy halloween!