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Find Your Space at the Library

Group Study

Study in groups anywhere from the Lower Level to Floor 3.

This time of year is an exciting time to be a librarian, because the Library is always bustling with activity as students make use of the staff expertise, print and electronic resources, technology, and study spaces available throughout the building.

With all this activity, it is important to remember that the Library strives to provide spaces conducive to both solitary and collaborative study, so that individual students concentrating on a final project or exam are not disrupted by groups of students working on a group project or presentation.

Solitary Study

Study in quiet on Floors 3M, 4 and 4M.

In other words, we have space for everyone!

If you want to meet with a group and collaborate, consider using any available spaces from the Lower Level to Floor 3.  If your group wants some privacy, you may also wish to reserve a conference room on Floor 2M or Floor 3M:

If you want to study in silence, then head up to Floors 3M, 4, or 4M.  These floors are our quiet floors and you can expect minimal noise distractions.  If things are getting loud on these floors, contact the first floor Service Desk staff in-person or via phone, IM, or email and we will happily and promptly make sure things quiet down.

Also, don’t forget that the Library has extended hours until December 17, so there is plenty of time to head on over, find your space, and work on the semester’s final projects, papers, exams, and presentations.

We can’t wait to see you!

A New and Improved Access Policy

There has sometimes been confusion about accessing the Library building at the end of the evening. In White_AppleWatch_with_Screenorder to clarify and simplify our practices and make them more consistent throughout the semester, Library staff, along with Public Safety and Facilities staff, explored alternatives that we hoped students would find more satisfactory. We have settled on a new policy that we believe balances both security and ease of access.

Starting September 2nd, when the Library resumes normal operating hours, Library doors will lock one hour prior to closing, but students will be able to tap their Wheelock IDs to gain entry until closing time. While we still recommend that you give yourself at least 10 minutes to print and will still require everyone to vacate the building at closing time, this new practice guarantees students will have use of the building up until that time.

Further, while we will make every effort to make this change seamless, if you encounter any issues please follow the signage posted on the door directing you to call the Service Desk (617-879-2220) or Public Safety (617-879-2151) from your cellphone or the campus phone provided at the door. You can also email me at with any questions, concerns, or complaints.

tl;dr: If you need to access the Library one hour before closing, you will need to tap your Wheelock ID to gain entry and follow the instructions posted on the door if you encounter any issues.

Whiteboard Walls in the Library

Give into your childhood urge to write on walls! The rolling whiteboards in the 2M and 3M study rooms have been replaced with fancy, new whiteboard walls. Great for group work, mind maps, brainstorming, or doodling. Stop by the Service Desk to check out dry erase markers and get started “write” away! Too cheesy?


Then + Now: A Library Haiku

Number one-three-two
Hemlines change but bricks do not
Books remain within.

Then + Now: Library, Floor 3

From the Library Archives… a photo of Floor 3 at the Library. Though, back then it was the third floor. Once the addition was built and mezzanine levels were added, the third floor became Floor 3 because really the third floor was Floor 2. Did I lose you? Well, just ignore me and admire those beautiful wooden bookcases.