Reminder to first year students

Please check your email for the Incoming Student Library survey.

New at the library

New students, new website, new neighbors, new databases – lots of new things are happening at the library, so why not a new blog? Here are some highlights:

New website!

Our website is now organized into four major categories:

  1. Using the Library: information about library services, hours, and staff
  2. Library Resources: find books, articles, and other materials using catalogs and databases
  3. Archives: our web space for the college Archive, which documents the history of Wheelock College
  4. Research Help and Guides: information on getting started with research, creating citations, using databases, and specific subject assistance.

Let us know what you think!

We’ve also moved some things around in the Library building:

  • Juvenile magazines and videos as well as big books and study prints are now located in the conference room on floor 2M.
  • Kits and textbooks are shelved in the main library space on floor 2, along with cassettes, CDs (music) and CD-ROMs (educational software). These items are for use with children as well as for study and research, and all may be borrowed by students for the regular 21-day loan period.