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Maric Kramer

A screencapture of the Wheelock at Worcester Research Guide from the Wheelock College Library.

Welcome, Wheelock@Worcester MSW students!

I want to extend a warm welcome to our newest cohort of Advanced Standing MSW students in the Wheelock@Worcester program!  The Wheelock College Library is here for you as you begin your studies with intensive summer classes.

To learn about what we can offer you, take a look at the library guide we created.

A screencapture of the Wheelock at Worcester Research Guide from the Wheelock College Library.

Throughout your program, you will need to conduct research for your papers and projects.  Whether you are writing a policy analysis, a literature review, or a treatment plan, you will need to find outside sources of information.  The library is here to help you access the information you need!

Get in touch with us early to find out how we can help you with a specific assignment.  You can call us (617-879-2222), email us (, or chat with us by using the yellow box on the library home page.  This kind of on-demand help is available every day that the library is open, from noon until closing!

You can also set up an appointment to meet with me, Maric Kramer, over phone or Skype.  In these one-on-one appointments, we’ll first talk about your assignment and your goals, and then we will work together to find the information you’ll need to:

  • inform yourself and others,
  • advocate for clients and communities, and
  • support evidence-based practice.

The Wheelock College Library has the people and resources you need to succeed in your MSW program.  So get in touch with us!  We look forward to hearing from you.

Social work students: Meet your new best friend!

Looking for trustworthy scholarly information in social work? Try the Encyclopedia of Social Work! Articles are written by experts and updated regularly, and they cover major areas of social work theory, research, policy, and practice. Here are just a few of the 400 articles you’ll find:

  • Alcohol and Drug Problems: Practice Interventions
  • Ecological Framework
  • Domestic Violence in the LGBT Community
  • Kinship Care
  • Intersectionality and Social Work
  • Welfare Rights

These articles would satisfy Goldilocks, if she were a social work student: they’re neither too deep nor too shallow, but just right.  Each provides a meaningful overview of a topic, and links to additional readings where you can learn more.

And best of all? The Encyclopedia of Social Work is free to you, courtesy of the Wheelock College Library.  This online resource is 100% available to all Wheelock College faculty, staff, and students:  no matter if you are in Boston or Worcester, in the BSW or MSW program, or are studying in a related field.

Check it out today!  You can access the Encyclopedia of Social Work here; from the Social Work research guide; or from the A to Z list of databases on the library website.

Image linked to the Encyclopedia of Social Work website.

Get research help over spring break!

Spring break is upon us!  Are you visiting a beautiful location? Are you working hard on a research paper?  Are you working hard on your research in a beautiful location?

In any case, the library has got you covered.  Librarians are standing by to help you to focus your topic, investigate excellent sources, and use citation styles like APA, MLA, and Chicago.  Get research help in person or remotely over spring break!  Check out our spring break hours here.


Screen capture of research guide

Anti-racism Resources for White Allies

During fall semester, one of the things that faculty and staff members heard from students was that there is a need and desire for materials that would support individual learning about how to be a white anti-racist ally. Jenne Powers, Assistant Professor of Humanities and Writing, initiated a conversation with Roz and me about this, and we decided that a great place to link to materials on this topic would be a library research guide. Writing Center Director Gillian Devereux also contributed good ideas to this effort. We worked on it in November and December, and this January, we were ready to unveil our resource guide, “Anti-racism resources for white allies.”

Screen capture of research guideWe hope it provides some places to get started! Like we say on the guide, it’s a work in progress, and we invite the participation of the Wheelock community.  Do you want to suggest a resource?  Email us.  Have feedback to share?  Sing it out.  Notice a broken link?  Let us know.


A collage of book covers

“I’m looking for a children’s book on…”

One of our most-commonly asked questions at the library service desk starts with those seven words: “I’m looking for a children’s book on…” So we’ve built a bunch of research tools to help you find just what you’re looking for.

Children’s Literature Research Guide

Find children’s books at the Wheelock College Library by using the special search box on this page. If you have a few minutes, we recommend looking at some of our annotated bibliographies of children’s literature– these can help you to find books by topic, subject, or reading level. These bibliographies mostly live in the library building, and librarians are always happy to help you navigate them to find just what you’re looking for.

A collage of book covers

Just a few of the children’s books you can find at the Wheelock College Library.

Multicultural Children’s Literature Research Guide (built for MLE 301; useful for anyone!)

Although we put together this guide for the MLE 301 class, we think it’s really handy for anyone who is looking for children’s books that reflect our diverse society. Find award-winning books, reviews and recommendations, and (yes) annotated bibliographies to help you choose books for your particular interest or need.

Guided Reading Research Guide

Guided reading is an instructional method designed to help teachers to develop readers by introducing them to increasingly challenging texts.  If you’re looking for leveled books, or for more information on how to implement guided reading in the classroom, the resources on this page are for you!

Stop by the front desk of the library to pick up a quick list of children’s book titles on frequently-requested topics, such as Hospitals & Medical Care, Food & Nutrition, LGBTQAI families, books featuring racially and culturally diverse characters, and more.  These lists are not comprehensive, but they should help to get you started… especially if you only have a few minutes to spare!

I’d be remiss if I did not note that Stacy Collins, Library Public Services Assistant, spent many hours doing research and design for these guides and title lists.  Many thanks to you, Stacy!