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September 2016

A Celebration of Reading: The Boston Book Festival and 1C1S

Boston Book Festival is an annual celebration that “promotes a culture of reading and ideas and enhances the vibrancy of our city”[1] and it is being held on Saturday, October 15 in Copley Square.   Most events are free and first-come, first-served.  However, some workshops do require advance registration.

The Boston Book Festival will feature dozens of exhibitors, along with over 200 speakers and presenters, including novelists, journalists, critics, essayists, poets, scholars, and artists.   The organizers have color-coded the events in the schedule to help identify the type of interests for which audiences the event would have the most appeal.

Each year, the Boston Book Festival also organizes the One City One Story (1C1S) program – providing one short story to the entire city free of charge to create a shared reading experience for Boston residents and to foster discussions and engagement in reading. cover image of the One City One Story short story. One City One Story is in caps and below it is the title of the story and its author. The selection this year is “The Faery Handbag” by Kelly Link.   Copies of the story are available for free at the Wheelock College Library on top of the Book Exchange Shelf by the Service Desk.  You can also download the story from the One City One Story website.  The digital copies are offered in English, Spanish, and Russian at the moment.  Additional translations should be coming soon.

On the day of the Boston Book Festival, there will be a 1C1S Town Hall in the forum space at Trinity Church, where you can discuss the story with fellow readers across the city.


screenshot of search box with Course Reserves highlighted

Is This Book on Reserve for My Class?

Welcome back!  Over the summer, we’ve implemented a new, more user-friendly interface for searching items your professors have requested that we put on reserve.   You can access it by going to the Library homepage and clicking on the Course Reserves link in the search box.

screenshot of search box with Course Reserves highlighted

On the next screen, search by any of the following keywords:  professor’s first name, professor’s last name, item title, item author, course code, and course name.  In the below example, I searched for Claire.

screenshot of reserves search field

The results page will show a list of course reserves lists in which the keyword, Claire, appears.

Once you select the course you’re taking, you will see a list of items on reserve for that course.

list of items on reserve for CLF210

Click on the item you’re interested in and you will find the call number and availability.  You can bring that call number to the Library Service Desk and we will retrieve the item for you from our Course Reserves shelves.

screenshot of reserves holdings info

This allows a level of DIY-ness in finding out what we have on reserve and we hope this will make the process of tracking down and accessing course readings easier and more efficient.  Please do reach out to us if you have questions!