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December 2015

Extended Hours Are Coming to an End

Today is the LAST DAY of Wheelock College Library’s Extended Hours. That means tonight is your LAST CHANCE to take advantage of library resources, get some drop-in research help, and participate in extended hours activities until 1:00 am. If you haven’t already stopped by to take part in the extended hours activities, it’s not too late. Here is a recap of all the fun activities we have available.

Adult coloring pages have been placed around the library on floors 1, 1M, 2M and 3. These coloring stations have been so popular that we have been printing out additional coloring sheets nearly every day! Students can take their work home, or hang it on our “Coloring Wall of Fame” located near the service desk.


We also have Library Bingo! Bingo cards can be found near the elevator on the 1st floor, or scattered on tables around the library.  Each card has a variety of things you might see happening at the library during extended hours (“someone coloring”, “a student making flash cards”, “someone watching Netflix” etc). When you see an item on the card, cross it off. Once you get four in a row in any direction, you win! You can then turn your Bingo card in at the Service Desk for a piece of CANDY!

We have two puzzle stations on the first floor of the library. So far, our library users have worked together to finish two 1,000 piece puzzles. Each time one puzzle is completed, we put out another for students to begin working on. The two that are currently out are very near completion, so come by tonight to help finish them up before it’s too late.


The library staff would like to congratulate all Wheelock students for making it through the fall semester! We have seen first hand how hard you have worked and how many hours of studying you have put in to succeed this semester, and you should all be commended for your efforts.

Happy Holidays to all, and we look forward to seeing you in the spring!

Find Your Space at the Library

Group Study

Study in groups anywhere from the Lower Level to Floor 3.

This time of year is an exciting time to be a librarian, because the Library is always bustling with activity as students make use of the staff expertise, print and electronic resources, technology, and study spaces available throughout the building.

With all this activity, it is important to remember that the Library strives to provide spaces conducive to both solitary and collaborative study, so that individual students concentrating on a final project or exam are not disrupted by groups of students working on a group project or presentation.

Solitary Study

Study in quiet on Floors 3M, 4 and 4M.

In other words, we have space for everyone!

If you want to meet with a group and collaborate, consider using any available spaces from the Lower Level to Floor 3.  If your group wants some privacy, you may also wish to reserve a conference room on Floor 2M or Floor 3M:

If you want to study in silence, then head up to Floors 3M, 4, or 4M.  These floors are our quiet floors and you can expect minimal noise distractions.  If things are getting loud on these floors, contact the first floor Service Desk staff in-person or via phone, IM, or email and we will happily and promptly make sure things quiet down.

Also, don’t forget that the Library has extended hours until December 17, so there is plenty of time to head on over, find your space, and work on the semester’s final projects, papers, exams, and presentations.

We can’t wait to see you!