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June 2013

Class of 2017: Welcome to Wheelock!

It’s First Year Introduction here at Wheelock College, and the library staff are really excited to meet the Class of 2017!

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Wildcats love the library, too.

Find us at the Campus Life Expo on Wednesday or Saturday evening.  You can:

  • try out our button maker,
  • get a glimpse at some of the stuff you can borrow from the Library and Earl Center,
  • watch a student-produced video about how librarians helped them with their school papers and projects, and
  • meet librarians who would be happy help you this fall!

When you come in to the library to register for classes on Thursday or Sunday morning, please stop by and say hello to the library staff!  We’re here to help, and we can’t wait to see you again in the fall!

Welcome! 欢迎 Selamat Datang நல்வரவு

We are very excited to welcome on our Boston campus a cohort of students from Singapore, who are studying for the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education through an exciting partnership between Wheelock College and the Singapore Institute of Technology.

Students, we are so looking forward to meeting you!  Librarians are available to help you to find articles, books, and other information sources for your assignments.  We are also happy to help you to find your way around campus, or around Boston.  The library is open to you during your entire stay; please feel free to use the building as a comfortable place to study, read, check email, write assignments, or just to spend time with friends. You can find out when we’re open on our website.

Speaking of assignments, we hear you already have some homework!  For your preliminary writing assignment in Dr. Ellen Faszewski’s class, you might find the database called Science in Context to be useful.

A screenshot from the database.

Use Science In Context to research current issues, and to get the scientific information you need to make sense of the news!

In this database, you can find articles from newspapers and magazines.  To understand the science behind an issue, try a reference article; these articles from scholarly encyclopedias can provide reliable background information.   You can also find academic journal articles, for the most advanced scientific thinking on your topic.

Unsure of your topic ?  Browse topic collections on current issues such as oil spills or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Science in Context is accessible from Singapore or the United States by logging in with your Wheelock College credentials.  If you have any difficulty in accessing the database, or deciding which articles to use, please get in touch with me, Maric Kramer!  I would be happy to help you out.

We look forward to welcoming you to the library!