With All Due Respect and Apologies to Louisa May Alcott

I have spent a lot of time reading young adult fiction, and even more writing about young adult fiction.  I decided that it was time that I try my hand at it.  I drew inspiration from both classics and newer popular works.  I selected what I thought to be the most beautiful aspects of each and loving stitched them together to form a perfect narrative.  For isn’t that what one gets when cobbling together fragments of perfection—perfection even more glorified?  Wasn’t there a book exactly to this effect?  I’ll make a note to look that up later.

lord of the filesHere for the first time, please find my synopsis for the first of my trilogy, “Lord of the Files.”

The story begins in a barren wasteland.  The Earth has been decimated by nuclear war that caused technology to evolve into consciousness and rebel against the remaining humanity.  Computers amassed a robotic army.  However, a clever human resistance developed a virus that caused the robot army to turn into zombies.  The zombie computers turned on one another; further mass destruction ensued.  Unfortunately, this also backfired against the human resistance.  The computer virus similarly attained consciousness, evolved, and infected most of the remaining population.   The humans turned to vampires, werewolves, and witches.

Into this brutal landscape, young Chastinence is introduced.  She is a witch, pure of heart and spirit.  Her mean surroundings do little to diminish her beauty, her musical talent, and her kindness.  Her mother, the most powerful witch the world has known since the fifth apocalypse, dies tragically from consumption shortly before Chasitnence’s fifteen birthday.  This is particularly calamitous because Chasitenence’s mother was to pass on the Knowledge of the Ages when Chassy came of age at fifteen.  “My birthday just won’t be my birthday without any presents,” Chassy grumbles.

Chastinence, blind with grief, leaves the underground paradise her mother created to embark on a journey to find the power that belongs rightfully to her.  She is captured by a militant human sect that forces her to participate in a public fight to the death.  She considers escape, but realizes thousands will suffer if she does not battle in their stead.  She meets Frosh, a dark and handsome opponent.  She is intrigued by his obvious secrets.  Her desire for him awakens her latent witch powers, and together the two escape the arena, find a cache of zombie robots to destroy the ruling militia, and band together with seven other survivors to rebuild a humanish population.

All should be well, but soon Chastinence discovers Frosh is a vampire werewolf elf.  She swears her allegiance, limbs, veins, and changelings be damned.  Frosh, touched, emotes.  A lot.  The two realize they will have to make a new life in a little house on the toxic prairie. Chastinence welcomes the challenge; she is blessed with many werewolf vampire elf daughters.  “Oh, my girls,” she says at the end of book one, “however long you may live, I never can wish you a greater happiness than this!”

I’m currently fleshing out book two.  But know that a surviving robot Holdon Caufield makes a bid for Chastinence’s affections.  A love triangle threatens the peace Frosh has worked so hard to find for himself and his family.  Its working title is “Hunger Dawn.”  I’m pretty sure these books will be the next best sellers.  Get your copies early.

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