The Book that Inspires Crimes Against Food: Redeemed

I had very lofty goals for this round of food-in-books blogging. I had been mentally preparing to make the Lamb and Prune Stew from Hunger Games for about 2 weeks. But there was a hitch: I’m not a big fan of lamb. Or prunes. And I hadn’t yet figured out how to get around that seeing as those two ingredients are the only ones listed in the book. So I waited, and thought, and waited, and thought. And the next thing I knew, it was the day before this blog needed to be done and I had not gotten any closer to making the stew. I needed another option and FAST. And one classic food book popped into my head: Green Eggs and Ham. We’ve all read it. And now, I was going to cook it.

I did not make the prunes and lamb, instead I made Green Eggs and Ham. (Ok, Seuss-ing over.)

A quick google image search turned up some pretty attrocious versions:

Clearly taking this dish literally could lead to some dark places. I knew I had one rule: no food crimes could be committed in the name of this adventure. Setting aside any food-coloring methods of turning this classic combo green, there was clearly only one choice: basil pesto. This simple sauce is naturally green from the basil, and I predicted (correctly) that the flavor would go nicely with eggs and ham. I put the items together–the green, the egg, and the ham–in the form of a sandwich, and BOY did that turn out great. My ham in this tasty concoction was proscuitto that I crisped up in the toaster oven. I layered that with a fried egg on a toasted a brioche roll.


After a healthy dollop of basil pesto (store bought–sorry fans, I was SUPER lazy this time around) and a few shavings of pecorino cheese, the sandwich came together. And what a sandwich it was. Salty from the proscuitto, bright from the basil, creamy from the slightly runny egg yolk–this sandwich had it all. Just as Green Eggs and Ham may be the quintessential Dr. Seuss book, this sandwich should be the quintessential version of the dish itself.



I do so like
green eggs and ham!
Thank you!
Thank you, Sam-I-Am!

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