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February 2011

NextBus! Axe Cop!

Two of my new favorite things this year are NextBus and Axe Cop. So even though one is a useful tool and one is a ridiculous comic, I thought I’d write about both.

With all the snow and wind and rain and snow and ice and snow lately, waiting for the bus is even less appealing than usual. Luckily, it’s now possible to minimize time spent at the bus stop. NextBus uses satellite tracking to give accurate estimates of bus arrival times, even when they’re not on schedule. You can get arrival times online or on your phone (even if you have a cheap, featureless phone like I do).

An example of the NextBus web interface

Axe Cop is a comic strip thought up by a 5-year-old and written and illustrated by his 29-year-old brother. It is amazing. There are currently 81 episodes available online, plus guest episodes and a Dr. McNinja cross-over. There is also an Ask Axe Cop column, in which Axe Cop answers questions submitted by viewers.

There are animated episodes:

But even better is the live action Axe Cop movie: