Your Secret Weapon: a Librarian

Getting help from a librarian is a smart way to combat the stress of the end-of-semester project pileup. Here’s why it’s worth considering..

  • We have experience with the kinds of research and assignments you have to do and are familiar with the tools and sources that you need. We aren’t starting from scratch every time, which can save you time and aggravation.
  • They aren’t our projects so we aren’t freaking out about them. We can be calm and help you keep things in perspective.
  • We like to do research and we like to help! That’s why we work here, that’s what we are trained to do. We love this stuff so you don’t have to!

We were pleased to learn that others agree with us. Check out the “Campus Overload” blog of the Washington Post, to see three more reasons to consider librarians as a “secret weapon” to tackle assignment stress.

Not sure how to find a librarian? Stop by the beautiful new first floor of the Library building, just 20 feet from the Campus Center. The service desk is right by the door, so it’s easy to find someone to help. Or try this link to find half a dozen other ways to get in touch with us.

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