The Loudest Librarian in Town


Amy Basque

Job title:

Systems Librarian

Location in Library:

You can find me over by the end-of-the-alphabet serials (and as far from the printer as possible) on the lovely, light-filled, but sometimes louder-than-desired Floor 3.

Tell us what you do in 50 words or less.

I am responsible for technology in the library. I maintain the library servers, manage the website, and develop online services for library staff and for the public. I also assist in supporting library staff computing needs and managing the public workstations and printers.

Choose one service that your department provides that you most want the Wheelock community to be aware of.

The custom search engines for our selected websites. These are found in our Research Guides and perform a Google search that is limited to only the websites that the reference staff think are pertinent to the topic of the guide. This allows you to have the ease and power of Google without the drawback of getting a mix of useful results and junk (commercial sites, unrelated sites, etc.).

What is your favorite website?

Ian’s Shoelace Site. Not only is it amazing and entertaining, but it’s pretty useful as well! I found a much better way to lace my boots on there (the Double Helix method if you were wondering).

What is your favorite book in the Wheelock Library collection?

My favorite grownup book is On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee. As a nerdy person who loves to cook, I find this book incredibly interesting. He explains stuff like how alcohol makes you drunk, what happens to food when it spoils, and how microwaves work.

My favorite kids book is currently How Tom Beat Captain Najork and his Hired Sportsmen by Russell Hoban. Tom’s Aunt Fidget Wonkham-Strong, who wears an iron hat, summons Captain Najork and his hired sportsmen to teach him a lesson. It’s a very fun and ridiculous book, and it was illustrated by Quentin Blake, my favorite illustrator (best known for his work with Roald Dahl).

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