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1 We should look into linking up with the international journal of play therapy or reaching out to University of North Texas to use their Center for Play Therapy which houses tons of literature, could help with meaning and development of play, research methods, and counseling classes.
Comment from Anonymous on May 18 2015

Hello Anonymous,
Thanks for your suggestion!  Play and play therapy are core subjects at the College and for Library collections, and we have a range of resources available, including the International Journal of Play Therapy.  We know it isn’t always easy to find what you want or what we have, so your question prompted us to create a Topic Guide on Play Therapy.  (It can also be reached by choosing the Research Guides tab on the Library home page search box, and then selecting “List of All Research Guides” in the search box.)
The Guide points you to International Journal of Play Therapy, and Center for Play Therapy, as well as other relevant journals, reference works, streaming video collections, and web sites, provides some terms to search for books and e-books, and in databases and e-journals, and highlights applicable materials available at the Earl Center.
Let us know what you think about the Guide, and if there are other resources you think would be good additions to it.  And feel free to contact the Librarian for Graduate & Professional Programs Maric Kramer, (617-879- 1141), or any of us, about other needs.  If you are a student we can provide research help for example, or if you are a faculty member we can work with you to design other guides, plan instruction for your classes, or work with you to identify relevant literature and resources for course readings.
Happy Reading!
Ann Glannon

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