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1 The E-book (non-Kindle) settings are horrible. From having only 24 hours to check out a book, to not being able to access highlighted sections and notes once the book has expired, removes any advantages of using a digital copy over a paper copy.
Comment from Anonymous on Sep 11 2014

lchoy@wheelock.eduHello Anonymous!  Thank you for your feedback.  We will share the issues you’ve raised with our ebook vendor and ask them to make improvements. 

While the loan length is 24 hours, you can actually borrow the book as many times as you’d like. Are you making your notes in the ebook interface or through Adobe Digital Editions?  If you’ve made notes in the ebook interface, you can still access them by going back to the book and clicking on the Bookmarks tab (see here:].  You can even export them.   Feel free to respond using this form again.  Or you can contact us at    We’ll be happy to assist you in making the most out of these e-book settings and answer any questions.

Answered by Louisa Choy, Digital Services Librarian

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