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Encyclopedia of Bilingual Education Restricted Resource Some full text available
Offers insight into a range of topics around bilingual education, including teaching and learning, family and community literacy, and public policy.
Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development Some full text availableopenURL
This free online encyclopedia covers 40 topics related to the psychosocial development of the child, from conception to the age of five. Produced by Canada's Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development.
Gale Encyclopedia of Children's Health: Infancy through Adolescence Restricted Resource Some full text available Resource contains images
Provides in-depth coverage of pediatric diseases and disorders, with issues related to physical, cognitive, and behavioral development. Distinct emphasis on issues affecting children under 4.
Encyclopedia of Play in Today's Society Restricted Resource Some full text available Resource contains images
This encyclopedia addresses the significance of play for children and adults in terms of development, socialization, and more.  
SAGE Handbook of Educational Action Research Restricted Resource Some full text available
This online handbook provides an overview of educational action research in theory and practice.  Part I discusses diverse theoretical perspectives and methodologies, while Parts II, III, and IV provides tools for understanding the professional, personal, and political dimensions of action research.
Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education Restricted Resource Some full text available
A definitive reference for diversity issues in education in the United States and the world. Explore research and statistics, case studies, and best practices across the full spectrum of diversity issues, including race, class, gender, religion, language, exceptionality, and the global dimensions of diversity as they relate to education.
Handbook for Working with Children and Youth: Pathways to Resilience across Cultures and Contexts Restricted Resource Some full text available
Examines how children and youth survive and thrive despite adversity. Covers theories of resilience, the conduct of research, and interventions across cultures and contexts. 
Sage Handbook of Child Development, Multiculturalism, and Media Restricted Resource Some full text available
This handbook covers how socialization, media, and other factors affect child development.
Watch & Listen: Multimedia Resources
Education Videos | Alexander Street Press Restricted Resource Some full text available Resource contains video
This collection of streaming video focuses on the development and training of teachers. Browse or search for footage of classroom interactions, as well as lectures, documentaries, and demonstrations. Create clips to use in your projects, read entire transcripts, and more.
Videatives (streaming video) Restricted Resource Resource contains video
Videatives compiles short video clips of children and teachers, along with informed interpretation by educators. Sample topics include spatial relations, child-child and child-teacher communication. Videos and analysis are arranged by subject and age of child.
Browse Scholarly & Professional Journals
Sage Journals Online Restricted Resource Some full text available
A great multidisciplinary database, this resource provides access to peer-reviewed journal articles in the humanities, sciences, social sciences, medicine, and technology.
ScienceDirect Restricted Resource Some full text available
ScienceDirect is a great database for social and behavioral sciences and a wide variety of physical, life, and health science articles as well. Many of the articles are available in full-text.
Find Articles: Search Databases and e-journals
ERIC Restricted Resource
A great education source, ERIC provides citations and abstracts--and sometimes full text--from scholarly journals, conference proceedings, government documents, theses, dissertations, and technical reports going back to 1966.
Teacher Reference Center Restricted Resource Some full text available
Teacher Reference Center covers a broad range of topics for K-12 grades and higher education. Topics include curriculum development, current pedagogical theories, literacy standards, elementary education and more.
PsycINFO Restricted Resource Some full text available
PsycINFO connects you to international scholarly literature in the psychological, social, behavioral, and health sciences fields.   This database is compiled and maintained by the American Psychological Association (APA).
ProQuest Social Sciences Restricted Resource Some full text available
ProQuest Social Sciences includes articles from scholarly and trade journals, as well as newspapers and magazines, in the fields of education, social work, sociology, psychology and more.  You can also search education journals separately.
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Additional Resources
Documentation Studio - a space at Wheelock College for educators to learn about, develop, and exhibit documentation from a variety of learning contexts.
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